Dentsply ProTaper Gold Rotary Files F1,F2,F3,S1,S2,SX-F3, SX19 25mm 6 file pkg 1




The PROTAPER GOLD™ technology includes a series of shaping and finishing files that create the predictable PROTAPER ® shapes, and a system proven and trusted by clinicians throughout the world. PROTAPER GOLD™ shorter handles allow improved accessibility to the teeth.

If F4 or F5 is needed please message me first or add a note in checkout. Handling maybe delayed on F4 and F5 size

  • Increased Flexibility.
  • Greater Resistance to Cyclic Fatigue
  • Identical ProTaper Universal Geometries and Technique
Rotary File Size

F1 – 25mm, F2 – 25mm, F3 – 25mm, F4 – 25mm, F5 – 25mm, S1 – 25mm, S2 – 25mm, Shaping File SX19 – 19mm, SX-F3 – 25mm