Dentsply Prime & Bond NT – (1 Bottle of 3.5ml) Light-Cure (Caulk)




Prime & Bond NT is a light-cured, total-etch bonding agent that contains nanofillers of amorphous silicon dioxide, di- and tri-methacrylate resins, PENTA (dipentaerythritol penta acrylate monophosphate), and acetone (solvent). It requires one application followed by a 10-second light cure. Prime & Bond NT is designed to bond composite materials to enamel and dentin. It is also indicated for the bonding of veneers, composites and ceramics, as well as an adhesive cavity varnish for amalgam. When using Prime & Bond NT to bond crowns and veneers, it must be mixed with Self Cure Activator. The purpose of this study was to determine the long-term clinical performance of Prime & Bond NT at 12 years. This product received a 98% clinical performance rating.